Love Hz Movement Feedback

Meet Dr. Joan Yue

Having facilitated hundreds of movement feedback sessions, I am here to support you to connect to your true essence and stop suffering. I have embodied Karl Wolfe’s “Move, Feel, Be Silent, Stop, and Choose” teaching in my own life and practice, and would love to share it with others. It fills me with joy to see students transformed during the movement feedback and in their lives afterwards.

Welcome to magical experiences of the Quantum Field! During a Love Hz Movement Feedback ™ session, you have opportunities to dance or move freely. I report details on your energy patterns, limiting stories, and unproductive behaviors, then give you instructions to clear them through movements. I also provide reference points to entrain you to high vibrational states, and connect you to the Quantum Field where you feel innate joy, safety, and ease.

In Money is Love ™ classes, we will examine your relationship with money and align your vision to manifest what you want in life! With Ph.D & MBA degrees and corporate executive experiences, I can also assist you in strategic and tactical areas to achieve business success. Balance business and life in the flow!

How you do anything is how you do everything!

Your movements will reflect your stories on how you live your life. Movement feedback allows you to observe and stop limiting stories, connect to the Core of your essence, and be in the Quantum Field of infinite love.

Happiness is innate. Suffering requires practice, just STOP!

—Karl Wolfe’s teaching

Movement Feedback is one of the most effective and efficient ways to move through resistance and limiting stories that hold one back in life. Potential benefits gained by many through consistent participation are :

Physical: mobility and flexibility

Emotional: penetrating negative emotions, freedom, intimacy, and happiness

Spiritual: awakening, connect to the deepest part of being.

Financial: let go of money myths, actualize results with ease, abundance.

I invite you to experience a higher quality of life through movement feedback.

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